Here are some photos of some of the puppies from past litters as they grew up and went into their new homes.
They've found such loving families.
Past Litters
We're very proud of all of our puppies but it was a special thrill when we learned Zoey is a certified therapy dog  with Therapy Dogs International. Zoey visits an assisted living facility and a hospice with her owners Rick and Sue.

Zoey is the litter-sister to our Addie. Here she is on the right and below.
Below are some other puppies in their new homes.
Logan and Nigel show how well-behaved they are at home but not so much at the beach..
Pretty Stella poses for the camera.
Sophie enjoys sailing.
Logan is a man of many talents.
Sweet Joe looks up adoringly at his mom.
Sasha wants to play soccer.
How cute is Lily?????
Logan and Nigel wait for Santa.
SIlly Nigel got his nose stuck.
The sweet and wonderful Mr B.
Oliver poses after his first haircut.
Miss Bianca in her garden
Harri really loves his new human "sister".
Harri can really strike a pose.
Two friends go for a walk.
Riley goes boating in Florida.
Nigel and Tate wait for spring to arrive.