My name is Anita McKenna and I'm proud to be a member of the Poodle Club of America.

Here are some of the current and past members of our beloved poodle family
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CH Robin Hill Sweet Adeline 
CH Degana Any Way You Want Me X CH Refinne Legend O-NO-NOT-THAT
OFA listed

Co-bred with Jennifer Dege / Refinne/Degana breeding

CH Graphic Sudden Impact 
CH Graphic Impact X CH Dimarko Fascination

Bred by Florence Graham

CH Clarion Sweet Pualani
CH Clarion Codiac X Clarion Fire N'Ice

Bred by Georgia Barr and Anne Kennedy and Katherine Kennedy
Unique Without a Doubt
shown here as a puppy after a very messy play session

Bred by Joan McFadden and Gail Wolanuik

not a show dog just simply the best dog who ever lived
but embarrassed by his haircut in this photo
~ gone but never forgotten ~
Farley's D Natalie Wood

Bred by Terry Farley and John Dejo
The Poodle Posse -
Natalie, Jack, Julia 
and Lucy who had unending patience with all
Myarka Mercedes Class
CH Greenwyn Connor Cameron X LaMarka Myarka Deztinee

OFA Listed

Bred by Michael Knight, Mark DeWitt, Katherine Higgins

 Cotian Arts and Letters
Aust  Gr Ch Remkyn Analyze This X Cotian Love Letters
OFA Listed

Bred by Debbie Cozart 
Thanks to Debbie and  Margie Nottle- Justice for allowing this beautiful girl with such a fabulous pedigree to join our family.


CH Huffish Piece of Art
GRCH American Idol X CH Gigi Da Maya
OFA  Listed

Bred by Zuleika Torrealba

Shown by Chris and Rachel

CH Robin Hill Royal Charter
GCH Tiburcio Da Maya X Cotian Arts and Letters
OFA Listed

Bred by Anita Mckenna