Information about Poodles

Click here for the Poodle Club of America.
This a great place to learn more about breed information, health issues, shows and much more.

Click here for the Watchung Mountain Poodle Club.
Learn more about our meeting and events here in New Jersey.

Click here for OFA, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
This is a registry of health testing results  for poodles and other dogs.
It also contains lots of info on various genetic diseases. 

Click here for  Versatility in Poodles.
This site is very educational and has lots of great information.

Click here for the Poodle History Project.
It is full of interesting historical information on poodles.

Click here for Watchung Mtn PC Rescue.
You can find a wonderful poodle in all shapes and sizes and ages looking for a home. Rescue poodles have the same love to give as the most beautiful champion.